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Other Services

Energy Services 
Energy Audits and Analysis

Our services here include a review of utility data, on-site survey of energy systems, and a review of system operation. Energy audits can be customised to meet the client's needs followed by analysis to provide detailed evaluation of energy use and economic benefits.

Energy Modelling

Energy Modelling through computer simulation serves a variety of purposes, including energy code compliance and energy budget estimates. Models may also be used to evaluate design options, such as orientation, daylighting, materials selection, system selection, and energy sources.

Energy Management Services

Energy Management Services monitor utility data on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. We can assist the building owner to better understand facility energy use, trends, and energy management.

Commisioning Management
Commissioning is a quality assurance process of verifying and documenting that a building and all of its systems and assemblies are planned, designed, installed, tested, operated and maintained to meet the owner’s project requirements.
Proper commissioning is the best way we know to achieve higher energy and water efficiencies, environmental health and financial return on investment every owner seeks.

Our commissioning expertise has been earned by over two decades of advocating for such quality assurance in buildings among all the various entities that are required to design, build, own, and operate high performance facilities. We are able to help you manage Design Phase Commissioning, New Building Commissioning, Re-Commissioning and Retro Commissioning.

​Operations Guideline Development

We offer sustainability opportunities studies which highlight the benefits of the sustainable design initiatives and can provide a working framework for projects including:

  • Development of overarching green design principles and masterplan blueprints for communities

  • Preparation of guidance documents for green buildings and operations

  • Development of sustainable guidelines for tenant fit-out of new and existing facilities

Post Occupancy Evaluation
These evaluations focus on the people who inhabit the facility, to reveal how the occupants feel about the facility or to give an idea of how the work environment affects their productivity. Given that the relative value of the average employee costs vs. utility costs are more than 100 times, having comfortable and productive employees and building occupants could add more to the bottom line than reductions in energy costs.

Fenestra can assist in Performance Assessment for compliance with building and system design intent.


Fenestra organises awareness workshops on sustainable design, the retrofitting of existing buildings and building services commissioning as part of our commitment to developing sustainable knowledge in the building industry and all parties interested in the built environment. Our dynamic, engaging and relevant sessions provide practical information and the knowledge base required to undertake real projects in confidence. Our experiences as consultants provide the real-life perspectives, stories, lessons learned and knowledge that are the backbone to our education and training.

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