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Loss of façade material is found to be a growing problem in Malaysia. The façades of a building require periodic maintenance like all other major systems within a structure. The roof (horizontal closure) is widely recognised as the component requiring reventative maintenance to extend its useful service life. Few owners understand that the vertical enclosure (façade) also requires similar commitment to preventative maintenance. The condition of the façade has a significant impact on the performance of the building with regard to the internal comfort and productivity of the occupants, the ongoing maintenance costs as well as the image it presents. These in turn directly impact on the return on investment for the building owner. Understanding the condition and performance of existing façades is a necessary precursor to being able to make accurate decisions about the future performance of the building. Our specialist staff are skilled in the diagnostic processes and are experienced in a broad range of building performance issues.

Our expertise extends to most types of building fabric materials and systems including concrete, glazing, stone and ceramics, curtain walls, rainscreen cladding and roofing. The experience gained by our investigation teams is invariably disseminated to our design teams providing a unique insight to the design and performance of materials in façade systems.

We provide façade inspections for a range of purposes, including:

  • Compliance with construction documentation

  • Due diligence reports

  • Emergency assessment of risk to public safety

  • Cause and source of water leaks

  • General condition of cladding materials and systems

  • Assessment of remaining service life

  • Materials assessment including identification of nickel sulphide inclusions

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