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Computer Simulation

Utilising the latest in simulation technology, Fenestra’s sustainability consultants can trial and demonstrate the effectiveness of different design options for building systems and internal/external features to determine how they impact on both the running costs of a building and the comfort of the building’s inhabitants.

This is most effective when analysis and modelling is incorporated right from the earliest stages, well before key design decisions are set in stone. High quality analysis information can quantify and inform iterative decisions for both new and refurbishment projects, allowing the team to effectively develop creative sustainable solutions.

Analysis can then be used to further refine the design as it progresses.

Whole Building Energy Modelling and Analysis

The detailed dynamic predictive modelling of a proposed scheme is useful in demonstrating:

  • The appropriateness of the natural ventilation strategy

  • The true benefit of passive design measures

  • Services requirements for Mechanical Engineering Design

  • How to improve the energy efficiency of the building

  • The impact of the proposed development on existing buildings

  • Façade and shading system design

  • Materials selection

  • Carbon emissions of the building

  • Potential for renewable energy

Computational Fluid Dynamics

CFD can be used to model airflow in critical internal and external spaces. CFD modelling can potentially reduce the size of "overdesigned" systems, by reducing the safety factors typically required in complicated spaces.

Daylight modelling

We offer a wide range of solar, daylight and electric lighting analysis – from macro-scale levels looking at solar analysis on the site to advise on the building layout, right through to detailed consideration of light levels, daylight factors and glare at specific locations in a room.

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