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leisure farm central spine

Leisure Farm Central Spine, Iskandar Malaysia, Johor

THE Leisure Farm Resort Residences development is sited on a 600 acre expanse of undulating hills which is well connected through a network of highways linking to Johor Baru city, Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas port and Senai international airport. Apart from residential and commercial development, the eco-friendly project also accommodates recreational spaces and a community hub.

GBI Township rating is being pursued for the parcels around the central spine of the Leisure Farm Resort Residences development. This zone forms the “heart” of the master plan and includes residential parcels such as the SOHO Village, Canal Park, Bayou Grove and Pendas Creek, as well as commercial parcels such as the Rimbunan office development and Resort Villas hotel development. The area also encompasses recreational spaces and a community hub, i.e. the Bale Equestrian + Country Club, Recreation Centre and the Kayu Manis Orchard.

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